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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Of Directors

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018, 4:00pm

Board Members: Lauren Dame, Rick Lowen, Jean Kern, Clyde Horn, Jesse Fittipaldi

BMC Personnel: Diane Sollinger, Tom Weaverling

Owners: Esther Konop, Christie Cooper, Luther Greulich, Phyllis Fisher, John Rose, Billy Schwartz

Agenda for meeting amended and approved unanimously.

Minutes from May meeting approved with correction unanimously.

Treasurer –

Operating Funds

  • May opening balance $11,407.48 - closing balance $20,743.90
  • YTD total income $150,183.99 - expenses $89,211.42.
  • No significant past due balances
  • No funds were transferred to reserves in May in anticipation of final plumbing project payment in June. Final payment paid in June.


  • May opening Balance $162,710.10 - closing balance $162,723.17

Committee Reports –


Final engineering drawings for the garage project are due within 2 weeks, RFP documents in 3 weeks. Documents will be reviewed by the Committee and forwarded to the Board for approval. RFP will then go out to bid from contractors as planned. Work to be done in 2019.

BMC Report –

Bylaw change vote Only 69 ballots have been received. 23 have not been responded to. Not enough ballots have been received yet to have a valid vote. A SASE will be included with the next round of vote solicitations.

Jesse suggested that a Google vote be done to reduce the effort required to the bare minimum. Diane will ask the lawyers if this is a legal method. If it is, future votes could be done that way.

Efforts will continue to get enough responses for a valid vote. Luther questioned this process as he feels that a lack of voting response is a “vote” for the status quo.

Window washing: scheduled to start July 9 and will take about 2 weeks to complete.

Tom’s vacation is next week. BMC will detail maintenance techs to cover the basic needs. Anything above basic services, contact BMC office using the after hours number posted on the office door.

Commercial space lease renewal: the space between Mia Bella and Satori is up for renewal. New terms to be offered are either a 1 year lease at 2% increase or a 2-year lease with 1st year current amount and 2nd year +2%. Also to include placement of blinds in front windows to improve street view of building and inspection of space and contents.

Exterior walk around inspection: Diane will be doing an external walk around to create a list of items to work on to improve the property - date in mid-late July TBD & will be published - owners are definitely invited to join the inspection.

Owner’s Forum – no input.

Old Business –

207-206 water damage incident:

207 insurance company will receive a letter from us detailing our claims against 207 owner due to their failure to maintain their plumbing fixture that caused the leak/damage. 206 renter will receive rent reduction due to displacement during and after the flood and will be compensated for utilities change due to contractor’s use of electricity to correct the damage. We will also ask for her extra food costs from 207 insurance and if paid will transfer that to her as well. Motions made [Clyde/Jesse – Jesse/Rick] to this effect - passed unanimously.

Laundry machines replacement:

Clyde moved that the change be made and our vend price to remain the same - passed unanimously This means that the HOA “profits” on the units will be considerably less than previous but will still cover the utilities costs to run the machines. Board consensus is that this is a service to the owners and not a “profit center.”

Property Management company overdue fee appeal:


New Business –

Website and Reserves update:

John Rose gave a presentation about updates to the website and the Reserve study that is also on the website. The Reserve Study update process begins in September as part of the yearly Budgeting process and concludes in February when final numbers for the year are available.

The ActionGram/Incident Report form is on line as is the Unit Information form [and easier to use than the paper version].

All the Minutes are posted as PDF files.

The Declaration and By Laws are available in a dual PDF/HTML format to enable a search function, a clickable Table of Contents links, etc.

The Willamette Towers FAQs as approved by the Board will be available shortly in a non-searchable but very link-rich format.

The HOA Policies will be reviewed and updated next.

Creation of Technology/Safety Committee:

This will combine several old committees into a new one with responsibilities to look at and recommend technologies and addresssSafety concerns for the property.

Next meeting of the board

will be a REGULAR Meeting Tuesday, July 17th 4:00 P.M.

Adjourned at 5:58 PM.