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Date: 03/19/2018

Memo: Building-Wide Plumbing Remediation

To: All Residents
From: Willamette Towers Board of Directors
Re: Potable Water Pipe Work

Scope of Work

Replace all emergency shutoffs to all sinks, toilets and supply lines to each fixture listed. The work will also include shower cartridge(s).

Building wide water will be shut off during the hours of 8:00 AM thru 5:00 PM. Please take whatever precautions you feel are necessary for your comfort.

Chapman plumbing will be accessing your unit on the following dates:

26-Mar: 02 kitchens, 03 kitchen and Hall Bath

2-Apr: 03 Bedroom Bathroom, 04 Kitchen and Bathroom, 1302 Kitchen

9-Apr: 01 and 02 Bathrooms, 1301 kitchen, 05 Kitchen, 1303 Kitchen

16-Apr: 05 and 06 Bathrooms, 06 Kitchen

23-Apr: 1301 bathrooms, 01 Kitchen

30-Apr: 07 Bathrooms and Kitchens, 08 Bathrooms and Kitchens, 1304 All fixtures

Resident Responsibilities

  1. Make sure the office has your unit keys the Thursday prior to the scheduled work date (listed above).
  2. Make sure the areas that will be worked on are clean and items stored are removed for easy accesses by plumbers.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

It is imperative that the office have a key (unless the resident plans on being home all day to accommodate the plumbers) to your individual apartment the Thursday prior to the scheduled work on the successive Monday.

If on the Monday of scheduled work, the office does not have a key to the apartment a locksmith will be called to unlock the unit so we may gain access for the repair work. The cost of locksmith may be billed to the unit owner.

Read about the Scope of Work established with the plumbing company.

View a printable version of the schedule.